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If all children are to enjoy their rights to the full, the widening disparities among them must be addressed through concrete and proactive policies.
In Turkey, positive steps have been taken towards equity for children. Free, universal health care is in place for all children. More vulnerable children are being supported in their own family or in family-type alternatives. Children with disabilities benefit in greater numbers from early identification and public community-based support services.
HOWEVER, there is still more to be done.
About 6% of children - some as young as 6 – are still engaged in economic activities[1]. The annual number of children pushed into crime is over 180 000[2]. Only 4.2% of children with disabilities are perceived as integrated into society[3].
In order to ensure more inclusive services with equal access for all children, UNICEF in Turkey calls on all political parties to commit to the following actions:
  • Further encourage the inclusion of children with disabilities in society and the education system.
  • Accelerate provision of education for all children, including migrant and children under temporary protection, and ensure they all benefit from equal opportunities.
  • Ensure the protection of all children from all kind of violence and social and economic exploitation.
  • Enhance child protection accountabilities, improve social work and support the specialization of professionals in all relevant sectors.

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