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ICRDF- Presentations

1_Keynote_25 years of child rights 25 years of the world wide web_Escudero (3.524,00kb)

1_Keynote_Dynamics of National Identity_Grimm (970,00kb)

2_(Lack of) Media Policy for Child Protection_ Mujagic_Kacmarcik_Zunic (6.380,00kb)

3_Young Peoples Socialization and Identity Construction Processes in Social Network Sites The Case Of Facebook_Sutluoglu (253,00kb)

4_The Integration of New Media Literacy and the Rights of the Child at the Digital Media into the Curriculum_Aydin_Karaosmanoglu (1.348,00kb)

5_The Childs Rights,Media Literacy and New Media_Asrak_Hasdemir (2.134,00kb)

6_Adolescents Perception of Bullying and an Example of Increasing Awareness_Tamer (2.139,00kb)

7_Internet Usage Habits of High School Students_Orki (1.196,00kb)

8_Challenging stereotypes a revised news agenda for childrens online participation_Oneill (5.250,00kb)

9_Digital- Free Cultural Consumption through Museums from Parents Perspective_Tasdan_Uralman (2.536,00kb)

10_Child Labor Phenomenon_Metwally (2.855,00kb)

UNICEF Panel_Binark (10.302,00kb)

UNICEF Panel_Denskus (155,00kb)

UNICEF Panel_Djuhari (2,705.00kb)

UNICEF Panel_Obregon (256,00kb)
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