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UNICEF reaches almost half of the world?s children with life-saving vaccines

Despite progress, millions of children still miss out on life-saving immunization

"Some days I Just have to listen": A family therapist works with Syrian refugees

Donatella Lorch / UNICEF

IZMIR,  26 April 2017 - 
 As a family therapist, Zeynep Kapısız regularly deals with anger, depression, fear and many pleas for help. Some days she feels overwhelmed. The problems she is trying to solve seem repetitively...

More than 150 children estimated to have died taking Central Mediterranean migration route this year - UNICEF

NEW YORK / GENEVA, 21 April 2017 – According to UNICEF estimates, more than 150 children have died crossing the Central Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy so far this year. Yet the true number of child casualties is almost certainly higher given that many children on...

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on reported child killings in Syria

NEW YORK/DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 16 April 2017 – “After six years of war and human carnage in Syria... six years of heartbreak for so many Syrian families... there comes a new horror that must break the heart of anyone who has one.

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