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UNICEF Turkey Humanitarian Situation Report

UNICEF Turkey Humanitarian Situation Report #9 – MAY 2017

Hitting Rock Bottom: How 2016 Became the Worst Year for Syria's Children

No child is spared the horror of the war in Syria, where children come under attack on a daily basis. Violence is everywhere, ripping apart places that children thought were safe -- places that should be safe: schools, hospitals, playgrounds, public parks and children’s own homes.

Children have paid the heaviest price in this six-year war and their suffering hit rock bottom last year in a drastic escalation of violence.

Children of Syria in Turkey Info Sheet January 2017

Children of Syria in Turkey Info Sheet October 2016

Children of Syria in Turkey Info Sheet July 2016

Children Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children - Executive Summary

Around the world, nearly 50 million children have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced. This report presents – for the first time – comprehensive, global data about these children – where they are born, where they move and some of the dangers they face along the way. The report sheds light on the truly global nature of childhood migration and displacement, highlighting challenges faced by child migrants and refugees in every region.

Child Friendly Cities Catalogue

UNICEF Turkey has implemented a Child Friendly Cities Project together with 10 municipalities with the financial support of IKEA Turkey and the UNICEF Turkish National Committee in order to support the municipalities in their efforts to design child friendly policies and programmes. In order to ensure collaboration and coordination among the relevant partners, the Turkish Ministry of Interior Local Administrations Directorate General (MoI- LADG), Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) and United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) and World Academy for Local Government and Democracy took role in the national coordination of the project. Urbanization in Turkey grows so fast with the growing economy, industrialization and migration from rural to urban. In this dynamic process of change, needs of the children are often ignored or their best interests are not prioritized although children of Turkey composes one third of the overall population. For the realization of children’s rights at the local level, municipalities have a great role to play. Municipalities are the best platforms in which problems can be identified and meet with the solutions with the participation of local people. The key is to make the children active agents of this change.

Syria Crisis Humanitarian Situation Report JUNE 2016

DENGE Juvenile Probation Programme Brochure

The overall objective of the Development of an Effective Risk Evaluation System for Children in Turkish Probation Services Project, shortly referred as DENGE Juvenile Probation Programme which is co-funded by the European Union, the Government of Turkey and UNICEF and implemented by the Ministry of Justice Directorate General for Prisons and Detention Houses Probation Department with technical support of UNICEF is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the juvenile justice system in Turkey through the development of a more effective, preventive and rehabilitative probation system, and to develop risks and needs assessment tools along with improved supportive services for children which are effective, measurable and complying with EU standards for reintegration of juveniles under probation in Turkey. Final beneficiaries of the project would be the children in contact with the justice system and their families.

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