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Press Centre (1/2015)

UNICEF provides winter clothing for children of Syria

Aljin and her 3 siblings will be receiving shortly winter clothing in the scope of winterization activities of UNICEF Turkey. @UNICEF/Turkey 2015/Yurtsever
SURUC, Turkey, January 2015 - Winter conditions in Turkey, threatening the wellbeing of Syrian children, yet fortunately in camp settings children receive support from the Turkish Government, UNICEF and other UN agencies.

While governmental and nongovernmental efforts to support those in host communities are ongoing, the fact that they are geographically much more widespread and significantly larger in scale makes it relatively more difficult to reach those children in need.
UNICEF is providing winter clothing to reduce the negative impact of winter conditions on children. While older children are receiving winter clothing from various sources, UNICEF is committed reaching the most vulnerable age groups. The needs are more acute among those recent arrivals in the Suruc region and hence UNICEF has already provided 30,000 thermal undergarments for children age 2-15 years during November/December 2014 in preparation of the inclement weather.
As a part of winterization response UNICEF has procured winter outerwear for infants aged 0-2 years and winter clothing such as winter jackets, winter trousers, and jumpersfor children aged 3-18 years in Suruç town, surrounding villages, AFAD and municipality camps as well as in the host community in the district. The total number of the children to be reached in this area alone is 38,666.
These winterization activities will continue in the remaining 21 camps to provide winter trousers, outerwear for babies, and woollen socks for the children aged 3-11 years. The total number of the children to be reached is more than 50,000.

by Tülay Güler

Photos: ©UNICEF/Türkiye/2015/Yurtsever
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