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Press Centre (4/2014)

Happiness of Syrian children on Children's Day, 23rd April

GAZİANTEP, Turkey, 24 April 2014 - UNICEF Turkey and Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey(AFAD), prepared a pleasant surprise for the children in connection with Sovereignty and Children’s Day of Turkey, celebrated each year on 23rd April. Teams distributed gift sets and balloons during the event held in Gaziantep’s Masal Park. The UNICEF balloons especially caught the eye of more than one child who were delighted with the day. As part of the day’s event, Syrian youngsters took to the stage to join their peers from 36 countries who came together to perform traditional folk dances in Karataş Sport Center.

Syrian children host the President of Germany in Kahramanmaraş

KAHRAMANMARAŞ, Turkey, 28 April 2014 - The President of Germany Joachim Gauck and his partner Ms Daniela Schadt, Patroness of UNICEF Germany, visited UNICEF's Child Friendly Space in the Turkish border camp of Kahramanmaraş on 27th April, 2014. 

President Gauck and Ms Schadt were treated to a taste of the creative activities the children accomplish in the Child Friendly Space. The couple watched with great interest the drama performed by Syrian children followed by short films made by the Syrian children as part of their “One Minute Junior Videos” activity. After the video presentations, the children were given the chance to ask President Gauck questions.

At the end of the visit President Gauck and Ms Schadt distributed crayons to the children and posed with the children for photos. UNICEF Turkey Representative, Dr Ayman Abulaban accompanied President Gauck and Ms Schadt during the visit and updated them on UNICEF’s vital activities provided for the Syrian children across Turkey.


Joint statement by heads of UN humanitarian agencies on Syria

NEW YORK, GENEVA, ROME, 23 April, 2014. One year ago, as leaders of UN agencies struggling to deal with the growing human impact of the Syrian crisis, we issued an urgent appeal on behalf of millions of people whose lives and futures hang in the balance: Enough, we said, enough!


The Ombudsman Institution will protect children's rights together with children.

ANKARA, 22 April 2014 – “KDK Child” website prepared by the Ombudsman Institution and UNICEF to help children to protect their rights and to take action against the administrations’ (school, hospital, family doctor, dorm, governorship, district governorship, police station, municipality etc.) attitudes and the behaviors violating their right was put into the service with a press conference.


The Secretary-General, Message on International Mother Earth Day, 22 April 2014

Each year, on Mother Earth Day, we reflect on our relationship with the planet that supports us.  The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food are part of a delicate global ecosystem that is increasingly under pressure from human activities.  From tropical deforestation to depleted ocean fisheries, from growing freshwater shortages to the rapid decline of biodiversity and increasingly polluted skies and seas in many parts of the world, we see the heavy hand of humankind.  


UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom meets with Syrian children

NEW YORK/AMMAN, Jordan, 12 April 2014 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom wrapped up a visit this week to Jordan where he met with children from Syria and their families whose lives have been devastated by the conflict - now in its fourth year. 


A visit to UNICEF School by British Ambassador

Richard Moore, British Ambassador to Turkey visited the tent city of İslahiye in Gaziantep, in which more than 10,000 Syrian refugees have been living. During the visit, Ambassador Moore was accompanied by UNICEF Turkey Representative Dr. Ayman Abulaban, WFP Turkey Representative Jean-Yves Lequime, AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent. 

First mass vaccination campaigns start since polio found in Iraq

Amman, 6 April 2014 – Polio vaccination campaigns commenced in Syria, Iraq and Egypt today, aiming to reach more than 20 million children over the next five days.


UNICEF: Prioritize children to speed up Roma inclusion in Europe

BRUSSELS/GENEVA, 3 April 2014 - On the eve of the third Roma summit in Brussels today, UNICEF calls on European governments to firmly place children at the centre of Roma inclusion policies. 

Rezzan's biggest dream is to wear her red dress again

ADANA, Turkey, March 2014 – Syrian children forced to flee their country and take cover in neighboring countries, also had to leave their lovely belongings behind. Those things — a dress, a book or a toy — are now just memories. It is not the expense of these childhood tokens, but their value is immeasurable for these child refugees. They are destined to be remembered as lost many decades later. 

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